António Menezes Leitão
João Penha-Lopes


3rd Talk/2020: IST, 24/January/2020, with Prof. António Menezes Leitão (IST) and Dr. João Penha-Lopes (Quidgest)

The department of Computer Science and Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and Quidgest associates to promote a series of meetings with guest speakers at lunch time. APDSI, COTEC, CS03 from IPQ and Link to Leaders also support the initiative.

Light lunch offered to participants!
Registration is free and required, limited to the seats of the auditorium:

Title: The Algorithmization of Architecture

Since many other areas, architecture is going through a deep but irreversible change: the new generation of practitioners starts to adopt algorithmic approaches in their project processes, which allows conceiving ways that were almost unthinkable before.
Besides that, using algorithms, project and analysis processes are automated and also can optimize projects.

In this presentation we will discuss the algorithmization of architecture and also present some recent developments in this area.

Guest Speaker: António Menezes Leitão*.

At this session will also be presented the article “Model Driven Automatic Code Generation: An Evolutionary Approach to Disruptive Innovation Benefits”, written by João Penha-Lopes, Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira e Ramiro Gonçalves.

Guest Speaker: João Penha-Lopes**.


(*) António Menezes Leitão is graduated in Mechanical Engineering, has a MSc degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD degree in Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). Is currently an Assistant professor from IST and Senior Researcher at INESC-ID, at the Software Engineering group, teaching and researching in Architecture and Computation.

(**) João Penha-Lopes é Master of Science – MS Field Of Study Telecommunications Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and PhD Field Of Study Information Management from Universidad de Alcalá. Presently is a VP Global Growth at Quidgest.


Date: 2020-Jan-24     Time: 13:00:00     Room: Room 0.17 Pavilhão de Informática II, IST

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