Nieves Brisaboa,

U – Universidad de la Coruña


The need to deal with huge amounts of data (big data world) has motivated the development of new data structures able to represent data and indexes to access them in compact space. The key idea in this field is to store and process the data in its compressed form avoiding decompression, except to show the data to final users. The advantage of this strategy is that more data can be placed in memory avoiding time for disk access or for data transmission. That is, this strategy takes advantage of the different speeds of the different memory hierarchy levels. The talk motivates this research field and will present some basic tools. Some examples of basic compressed data structures for the representations of trees and graphs will be used to explain, at a conceptual level, how those data structures work. To understand the talk, only basic knowledge about data structures and algorithms programing is necessary.


Nieves R. Brisaboa is Professora Catedrática in Languages and Informatic Systems at the Universidad de la Coruña, where she teaches databases and heads the Laboratorio de Bases de Datos (LBD).


Date: 2020-Mar-25     Time: 15:00:00     Room: Anfiteatro PA2, Pavilhão de Matemática do IST

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