Sergio Bampi,

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


In Europe the adoption ot the DVB for terrestrial HDTVD broadcast has long been defined and it is still evolving. Brazilian open broadcasters have delayed such adoption and service offering, which is due to start HDTVD broadcasts by september, 2006.

Since early 2005 in Brazil a total of 22 research networks started to work in the development of Intelectual Property modules for the so-called Sistema Brasileiro de TV Digital – SBTVD. In the footsteps of the path that has to be followed choose one of the modulation standards competing worldwide, namely DVB, ASTC, japanese and the chinese standards, the Brazilian government decided to finance research institute networks to develop software, middleware and hardware for a reference SBTVD platform. The hardware development group at UFRGS is currently developing the dedicated hardware architecture for the H.264-AVC decoder, one of the pieces of the set-top box.
This talk presents an overview of the last 2 years of the SBTVD project in the perspective of the Brazilian universities.

Sergio Bampi
Univ. Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Grupo de Microeletrônica
Ceitec Director, Centro de Excelência em Eletrônica


Date: 2006-Jan-17     Time: 15:30:00     Room: 336

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