Sergio Bampi,

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


Since march 2004 Brazil has defined a federally sponsored policy with respect to the semiconductor industry. This policy aims to support strongly new initiatives for start-ups in the IC and Systems design. Related to this stand, the Brazilian government is also supporting the construction and the starting-up of Ceitec, a Design Center, an 800 square meters cleanroom and the associated facilities, located close to the Universidade Federal campus at Porto Alegre.
This talk presents data on the hardware and software production in Brazil and the strategy followed in the Brazilian plan for Microelectronics. The electronics manufacturing in Brazil is more than US$40 billion, while the design and manufacturing of ICs is less than 0.05% of that. The measures taken in this National Microelectronics Plan range from academic support for grants and scholarships, support for a Brazil wide University research network called Nano-Micro-Tech (NAMITEC), academic EDA software licensing, support for original ASIC designs by companies, support for 05 initiatives of centers of Design, and the construction of the Ceitec facilities capable of 0.5-0.8um CMOS processing – an investment requiring funding of the order of US$50 million.


Date: 2006-Jan-18     Time: 15:30:00     Room: 336

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