Algorithms for Optimization and Simulation


The strategic objective of our research group is the development of a center of excellence in EDA and, specifically, in the areas of algorithms for optimization, modeling and simulation. Current areas of application include electronic circuit design and software design.

The long-term objectives of the groups are related to the development of research activities in the areas of:

    • interconnect and package modeling and simulation
    • modeling and simulation of substrate coupling in mixed-signal ICs
    • behavioral modeling of analog RF circuits for system analysis
    • synthesis and optimization of digital circuits
    • low power design and power estimation
    • verification of embedded systems
    • applications of discrete optimization in electronic design automation
    • formal verification of digital systems and digital system testing

Group Coordinator

Paulo Ferreira Godinho Flores

Parent Lab

Embedded Electronic Systems (EES)

Group Web Site

Administrative Support

Teresa Mafalda Mascarenhas Alves Mimoso