Quality, Test and Co-Design of HW/SW Systems


Advanced R&D, professional training and technology transfer on system design and test, namely of SoC (Systems on a Chip) and Reconfigurable systems.

Contribute with new solutions for market applications defined as: medical imaging systems, automotive, safety-critical systems, energy harvesting systems and electronic instrumentation.


Cooperation with industry - to obtain research focus and funding

PhD and MSc students - as continuous research power

National and International research projects - to complement funding for scholarships, test chips and publications

Publications - to disseminate the research results not restricted by confidentiality

Scientific events - to promote cooperation and discussion with other research groups


Use the core competences of the group in hardware (hw) and software (sw) design and test, system and defect-oriented test, parametric test, reconfigurable system design, design for reliability and dependability, power management, low-power design and test methodologies and high-quality BIST (Built-In Self Test).

Focus research, defining PhD and MSc work plans and submitting projects aligned with industry challenges.

Motivate students by providing them contact with industry high-end activity.

Current research topics are:

- Dynamic voltage scaling sensors and design methodology

- DC-DC high performance converters: inductor based and charge pumps

- Ultra low power, accurate, oscillators

- High PSRR, low power, voltage and current references

- Class D audio

- Lab automation

Group Coordinator

Marcelino Bicho dos Santos

Parent Lab

Embedded Electronic Systems (EES)

Administrative Support

Ana Maria Nuno de Jesus Reis