Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits


Research, development, and postgraduate education on analog and mixed analog-digital electronic circuits and systems.

The group past activity was centered in BiCMOS and CMOS integrated circuit design for RF, high-frequency ADCs, low-noise digital cells for use in mixed signal integrated circuits and front-end radiation detectors for medical imaging.

Lately, the underlying theme in the group's research is the design of CMOS integrated circuits targeting low-power, low-cost, autonomous sensor applications.

The current research activity is situated in the design of circuits in the following areas:

- RF Communications (UWB, inductorless Circuits)

- ADC circuits (Flash, CABS, SAR)

- Sensors Interface Circuits (Radiation Detectors, Magneto-resistive)

- Power Harvesting (RF)

- Quaternary Circuits (in standard CMOS)

Group Coordinator

Jorge Manuel dos Santos Ribeiro Fernandes

Parent Lab

Embedded Electronic Systems (EES)

Administrative Support

Ana Maria Nuno de Jesus Reis