Power Electronics and Power Quality


To contribute with innovative and international level research to enable the use of power electronic systems with high technical performance, reduced energy consumption and environment impact for the benefit of power quality, renewable energy penetration and sustainability.


To develop new advanced power electronic converters and controllers for:

- Electrical Energy Storage

- Voltage and frequency distributed regulation

- Power Quality

- Pulsed Power

- Scientific applications of Electronic Power Converters


To lead the design of high technical performance power electronic converters and non-linear controllers systems for:

- Converters and systems to electrical energy storage

- Converters for Photovoltaic (PV) Applications

- Converters to improve voltage and frequency regulation and the quality of power

- Modern power transmission systems using high frequency transformers

- Pulsed Power and other scientific applications

To publish scientific papers, patents, develop internationalization, university industry cooperation and attract international students.

Group Coordinator

José Fernando Alves da Silva

Parent Lab

Sustainable Energy Systems (ES)

Administrative Support

Anabela Lopes