Alternative Energies and Electromechanical Energy Conversion



The Alternative Energies and Electromechanical Energy Conversion research group aims to promote the research in the Renewable Energy and Electromechanical Energy Conversion.

The energy from a primary source of energy should be converted to electrical energy using electric generators. For renewable energies sources it is necessary to use adjustable speed generators in order to have a more efficient electromechanical energy conversion. The AEEEC group is working on the evaluation of renewable resources (wind, solar, waves, …) and on the solutions for an improved integration of new renewable sources of energy in the existing electrical grid and on the development of new technology for the generation and use of electricity.

The main intervention areas of the group are:

1. Renewable Energies

- Micro generation impact on low voltage distribution grids.

- Impact of large offshore wind parks on the transmission grid.

- Voltage control in transmission grids with a high share of renewable generation.

- Assessment of renewable resources (wind, solar, waves,…) using statistical distributions.

2. Electrical machines

- Adjustable speed generators for renewable energies.

- New projects of electrical machines more adapted to the applications.

- Electric traction.

3. Storage systems

- Use of energy storage systems to improve the integration of renewable sources in the existing electrical system.

4. System modeling

- To find appropriate transmission and distribution system models, including theoretical characterization of overhead and underground line parameters.

Group Coordinator

Gil Domingos Marques

Administrative Support

Anabela Lopes