Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces


Research innovative interaction and visualization techniques that improve Human-Computer Interfaces to address real needs.


The Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces group does research in novel user interaction paradigms and high-performance graphics rendering with applications to Health, Design and Manufacturing applications. We have focused our activities on Global Illumination algorithms and Multimodal Interfaces, including speech, sound, vision, brain-computer interfaces and full-body posture among other modalities.


The Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces group, at INESC-ID (Lisbon, Portugal), works on:

  • Multimodal Interfaces

  • Visualization and Simulation

  • Virtual,Mixed and Augmented Reality

  • Physically-based Rendering

  • Multimedia Information Retrieval and Sketch-Based Modeling

  • Information Visualization

  • Accessibility and Mobile Computing

  • Computational Geometry and Surface Representations

Group Coordinator

Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau

João António Madeiras Pereira

Administrative Support

Ana Paula Lança Barrancos