Data Management and Information Retrieval


Mission: From data to information, from information to knowledge.

Our mission is to develop practical solutions for current and pressing problems in data management and information retrieval, to promote the advancement of science by performing quality research and divulging its results, and to contribute to the academic community by providing an excellent working environment to new researchers and graduate students.


The Data Management and Information Retrieval (DMIR) group does research and development of state-of-the-art solutions for:

  1. processing and extracting information from large datasets;

  2. leveraging information to knowledge.

The DMIR Group is currently involved in research projects concerning:

  • Big Data analyses

  • Information Retrieval

  • Data Profiling and Cleaning

  • Information Extraction

  • The Semantic Web

  • Ontology/ Knowledge Engineering

  • Knowledge Management

  • Geographic Information Systems


Digitally stored data is of vital importance in todays society. Thus, most problems related to data and information processing, not only pose theoretical questions, but also require very practical solutions. This fact provides a clear path to be followed by the Data Management and Information Retrieval group.

Our research will be continuously dedicated to scientifically relevant problems, whose solutions are of interest to society. Furthermore, the outcome of every research project should always be applicable, in practice, to real-world situations.

Group Coordinator

Pável Pereira Calado

Helena Isabel de Jesus Galhardas

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Administrative Support

Sandra Maria Lopes de Sá