Signal Processing Systems


The Signal Processing Systems (SiPS) group is devoted to research, development and education on algorithms and architectures for signal processing systems. The research is oriented to the application areas of telecommunications, video and image processing systems.

The long term objectives are divided in two main areas. The image and video processing, where the main objective is to develop new algorithms for the human visual system modelling and to analyse and to extract information from video sequences; This research is complemented with the project and development for implementing the algorithms in real time. The signal processing for communications, where it is intended to perform research work in digital synchronizers, spread spectrum systems (including new PN sequences), and adaptive systems.

Group Coordinator

Pedro Filipe Zeferino Aidos Tomás

Nuno Filipe Valentim Roma

Parent Lab

Embedded Electronic Systems (EES)

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Administrative Support

Ana Maria Nuno de Jesus Reis