Control of Dynamical Systems


The INESC-ID Research Group Control of Dynamic Systems aims at developing innovative concepts and theories for modelling, monitoring, supervision and control of industrial processes and to demonstrate them via pilot applications and laboratory experiments.

The focus of the Control of Dynamic Systems Group is on developing new algorithms as well as theory supporting them and illustrative case studies with focus in the area of Industrial Process Computer Control.

The main research activity of the Group is concentrated in the following areas:

· Monitoring and Fault Tolerant, Reconfigurable Control, in particular using multiple model structures.

· Design and study of convergence and stability properties and development of innovative adaptive control of algorithms in particular with application to distributed systems.

Monitoring, modelling and Control for industrial and thermoelectric power plants (Conventional and Solar).

Group Coordinator

João Manuel Lage de Miranda Lemos

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Administrative Support

Maria Manuela Marques do Sado