Communications Networks


1. To achieve high level research results documented through published research papers.

2. To support the post-graduate work of research students for their thesis.

3. To actively participate in cooperative international research projects.

4. To foster technology transfer based on the achieved research results.


The main objectives of the research group are to carry research and development activities on the architecture of communication networks, on the mobility aspects of communication and on the integration of communication networks into cyber-physical systems. More precisely, the research group activities are focused into the following areas:

- Wireless Sensor and Ad-hoc networking

- Delay Tolerant Networking

- Quality of Service for Real-Time Services in IP Networks

- Next Generation Internet Architectures

- Integration of Communication Networks into Cyber-Physical Systems (e.g., Smart Grids).


To achieve the objectives research activities are carried on the following themes:

- Design and evaluation of networking protocols for mobile and wireless networks

- IP mobility aspects in ad-hoc wireless networks

- Routing protocols for delay tolerant networks and their application to vehicular delay tolerant networks

- Algorithms for quality of service optimization in real-time services over IP

- Design and evaluation of networking protocols for end-to-end communications using WebRTC

- Scalability and redundancy solutions to Software Defined Networking (SDN) controllers; applications of SDN to LAN management and monitoring.

- Control algorithms and fault localization in the distribution electrical grid

- Communication network reliability and topology for high voltage substations.

Group Coordinator

António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

Luis Manuel de Jesus Sousa Correia

Parent Lab

Computing Systems and Communication Networks (CSCN)

Administrative Support

Ana Paula Lança Barrancos Monteiro