Radio on Wireless (GROW)


GROW’s mission is perceived as being part of the general one of an academic environment, i.e., to mix the activities of:

• education and training,

• research and development,

• knowledge transfer in between academia and industry,

• dissemination and exploitation of results.

With this mixture, technically focused on Mobile and Wireless Communications, it is intended to create the adequate conditions for the researchers and students that are part of GROW to jointly grow on a personal and professional perspectives.


The general objective of GROW (Group for Research on Wireless) is to contribute to the increase of knowledge in Mobile and Wireless Communications, namely in the aspects dealing with radio networks.

The specific aspects currently addressed by GROW are:

• propagation,

• channel characterisation,

• radio networks,

• radio resource management,

• traffic,

• applications.


The strategy followed by GROW includes the realisation of a number of activities that enable to achieve the objectives and pursuit the mission, at both the national and international levels:

• teaching of courses for students,

• training via courses for people in industry,

• supervising theses of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students,

• participation in research and development projects in consortia,

• participation in development and innovation projects with industry,

• consultancy for industry and other entities,

• publication of results in journals and conferences,

• organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars,

• dissemination of science for pupils in high schools.

Group Coordinator

Luis Manuel de Jesus Sousa Correia

Parent Lab

Computing Systems and Communication Networks (CSCN)

Group Web Site

Administrative Support

Vera Cristina Silva de Almeida