Ongoing Supervisions

PhD Theses

PhD Theses: 1

Conversores Analógicos Digitais para Aplicações Espaciais
PhD Thesis, work in progress [bibTex]

MSc Theses

MSc Theses: 2

Microelectronics Circuits for Biomedical Devices
MSc Thesis, work in progress [bibTex]
Advisors: Susana Cardoso de Freitas and Taimur Rabuske
Multiaxial magnetoresistive sensors for high resolution magnetic imaging
MSc Thesis at IST, work in progress [bibTex]


Graduation Theses: 2

Advisors: Taimur Rabuske
Smart Flexible Sensing Architectures for Conformal Detection of Magnetic Fields
Graduation Thesis at Insituto Superior Técnico, work in progress [bibTex]
Technical Trainee for magcyte
Graduation Thesis, work in progress [bibTex]

Finished Supervisions

MSc Theses

MSc Theses: 3


SAR ADC for Stochastic Self-Calibration Algorithms
MSc Thesis, Jun. 2019 [bibTex]
IR-UWB Transmiter for Biomedical Applications
MSc Thesis, May. 2019 [bibTex]
Sigma- Delta ADC for IoT Applications
MSc Thesis, Feb. 2019 [bibTex]