MSc Theses

MSc Theses: 6


Francisco Nicolau
A Cube Full of Shapes: Exploring and Selecting Supershapes in Virtual Reality
MSc Thesis, work in progresson 2021 [bibTex]
João Amaral Lopes
Advisors: Daniel Simões Lopes and David Pinto
Augmented Reality to Support Artery Localization in Breast Reconstruction
MSc Thesis, Nov. 2021 [bibTex]
Andreia Valente
Advisors: Augusto Esteves and Daniel Simões Lopes
Empathic AuRa: Exploring the Effects of an Augmented Reality Cue for Emotional Sharing Across Three Face-to-Face Collaborative Tasks
MSc Thesis, Nov. 2021 [bibTex]
Gonçalo João Neves Gaspar
ChemTouch: A new way of seeing Chemistry
MSc Thesis at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Oct. 2021 [bibTex]
Daniel da Silva
Advisors: Daniel Simões Lopes and Cátia Costa
Realidade Aumentada para o Treino de Tarefas Cirúrgicas usando Simuladores
MSc Thesis, Sep. 2021 [bibTex]
Yuri Cabrita
Advisors: Daniel Simões Lopes and Nuno Figueiredo
Shared Control Approaches for Hybrid Multidisciplinary Team Meetings
MSc Thesis, Sep. 2021 [bibTex]