International Conferences: 2


- Jhielson M. Pimentel and Carla Guerra and Pedro Sequeira and Andre Mateus and Alberto Sardinha and Francisco S. Melo and Pedro U. Lima, Interactive Consoles for Adjustable Autonomy in Assistive Robots: a Case Study with ASD Children, presented at IROS'2018 Workshop - Robots for Assisted Living, Oct. 2018 [bibTex]


- Raul Benites Paradeda and Mojgan Hashemian and Carla Guerra and Rui Prada and João Miguel de Sousa de Assis Dias, FIDES: How Emotions and Small Talks May Influence Trust in an Embodied vs. Non-embodied Robot, presented at AAMAS '17 Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems, May. 2017 [bibTex]


Technical Reports: 1


- André Mateus and Carla Guerra and Rubén Solera Ureña, Architecture Technical Report, INESC-ID Tec. Rep. 13/2017, Feb. 2017 [bibTex] [PDF]