International Conferences: 5


- Miguel Matos and Paolo Romano and Shady Alaaeldin Issa and Miguel Viegas and Pedro Luís Galvão Raminhas and Nuno Machado, Exploiting Symbolic Execution to Accelerate Deterministic Databases, presented at International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Nov. 2020 [bibTex]
- Miguel Matos and Miguel Pardal and Miguel Antão Pereira Amaral and Hugues Mercier, FaultSee: Reproducible Fault Injection in Distributed Systems, presented at European Dependable Computing Conference , Sep. 2020 [bibTex]
- Paulo Silva and David Vavřička and João Barreto and Miguel Matos, Impact of Geo-distribution and Mining Pools on Blockchains: A Study of Ethereum, presented at IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN), Jun. 2020 [DOI Article link] [bibTex]
- Miguel Matos and Shady Alaaeldin Issa and Paulo Gouveia and João Neves and Carlos Segarra and Luca Liechti and Valerio Schiavoni, Kollaps: decentralized and dynamic topology emulation, presented at EuroSys, Apr. 2020 [bibTex] [PDF]


- Miguel Matos and Miguel Antão Pereira Amaral and Valerio Schiavoni and Luca Liechti and Peter Kropf and João Neves, THUNDERSTORM: a tool to evaluate dynamic network topologies on distributed systems, presented at In International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, Oct. 2019 [bibTex]


MSc Theses: 3


- Diogo Peres Castilho advised by João Barreto and Miguel Matos, Etherspace: Practical Proof-of-Space for Blockchains, MSc Thesis, Oct. 2019 [bibTex]
- Luis Carlos da Silva Aguiar advised by João Barreto and Miguel Matos, Melhoramento do Protocolo de disseminação do Ethereum, MSc Thesis, Oct. 2019 [bibTex]
- Cláudia Fiore advised by Miguel Matos and Ricardo Chaves, Providing trust to multi-cloud storage platforms through the blockchain, MSc Thesis, Feb. 2019 [bibTex]