International Journal Articles: 2


- Paula Carvalho and Danielle Caled and Cláudia Silva and Fernando Batista and Ricardo Ribeiro, The expression of hate speech against Afro-descendant, Roma, and LGBTQ+ communities in YouTube comments, article in Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict, to appear on 2023 [Article] [DOI Article link] [bibTex]


- Danielle Caled and Mário J. Silva, Digital media and misinformation: An outlook on multidisciplinary strategies against manipulation, article in Journal of Computational Social Science, May. 2022, Springer [DOI Article link] [bibTex]

International Conferences: 1


- Danielle Caled and Paula Carvalho and Mário J. Silva, MINT – Mainstream and Independent News Text Corpus, presented at Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, PROPOR 2022, to appear on 2022 [bibTex]