PhD Theses

PhD Theses: 1


Optimal Implementation of LTI Systems for Embedded Systems/ Real Time
PhD Thesis, Oct. 2018 [bibTex]

MSc Theses

MSc Theses: 4


Manuel Rodrigo Batalha Reis
High Performance GPU-based Power Grid Analysis
MSc Thesis, Nov. 2019 [bibTex]
Dinis Pedro Pinto Marcos Madeira
Processador Didático P4 - Especificação e Implementação do Processador e Ambiente de Desenvolvimento
MSc Thesis at Universidade de Lisboa, May. 2019 [bibTex]


Rafael Fernandes dos Santos
Advisors: J. Monteiro
Parallelization of Conditional Path Detection in Graphs
MSc Thesis at IST ULisboa, Sep. 2018 [bibTex]
Filipe Pedro Guerra Magalhães
Distributed Algorithm for the Analysis of Properties of Complex Networks
MSc Thesis at IST ULisboa, Jun. 2018 [bibTex]


Internships: 2


Chen Zhimin (Jimmy)
Advisors: J. Monteiro
Development and Analysis of a SAT-model for Determining Short-circuit Conditions in Logic Circuits
short term traineeship, Jan. 2019 [bibTex]


Vasco Miguel Liang Xu
Advisors: J. Monteiro
The Applicability of Gacuda in Developing Genetic Algorithms for Minimum Vertex Cover and Subset Sum Problem
short term traineeship, Aug. 2018 [bibTex]