MSc Theses

MSc Theses: 5


Automatically Generating Novel and Epic Music Tracks; Exploring Computational Creativity using Deep Structures against Music
MSc Thesis, Jun. 2019 [bibTex]


Henrique da Nave Cândido Ferrão Carlos
Creating Recipes using Machine Learning and Computational Creativity
MSc Thesis at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Oct. 2018 [bibTex]


João Gonçalo Nunes Vicente Marques Ceia
Advisors: H. Sofia Pinto
Questionaire System for Human Resources
MSc Thesis, Dec. 2017 [bibTex]
Joana Borges Teixeira
Advisors: H. Sofia Pinto
Cross-Domain Analogy: From Image to Music
MSc Thesis, May. 2017 [bibTex]
Margarida Filipa Leal Correia
Advisors: H. Sofia Pinto
Fashion Recommender System (only project)
MSc Thesis, Feb. 2017 [bibTex]