International Journal Articles: 2


- D. Rodriguez and G. Bejarano and M. Vargas and J. M. Lemos and M. Ortega, Modelling and cooling power control of a TES-backed-up vapour-compression refrigeration system, article in Applied Thermal Engineering, Sep. 2019, Elsevier [bibTex] [PDF]
- G. Bejarano and D. Rodriguez and J. M. Lemos and M. Vargas and M. Ortega, MINLP-based hybrid strategy for operating mode selection of TES-backed-up refrigeration systems, article in International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Jun. 2019, Wiley [DOI Article link] [bibTex] [PDF]

International Conferences: 1


- Bertinho Manuel D'Andrade da Costa and J. M. Lemos, A control approach to energy supply‐demand markets, presented at ADC2019 - 15TH EUROPEAN WORKSHOP ON ADVANCED CONTROL AND DIAGNOSIS, Nov. 2019 [bibTex]


MSc Theses: 1


- Sfia Moura Guedes da Silva Fernandes advised by J. M. Lemos and Jurgen Teelar, Coupled Control of satellite Platform and Robot arm for space robotics applications, MSc Thesis at Universidade de Lisboa, Jun. 2019 [bibTex] [PDF]


Technical Reports: 1


- João Belfo and António Pedro Aguiar and J. M. Lemos, Coordination methods for distributed optimal control, INESC-ID Tec. Rep. 2/2020, Jun. 2020 [bibTex] [PDF]