International Journal Articles: 3



- Sara Franco and Ana Abreu and Rui Biscaia and Sandra Gama, Sports Ingroup Love does not Make me Like the Sponsor’s Beverage but Gets me Buying It, article in PLOS One vol. 16 pp. 1-20, Jul. 2021, Public Library of Science [DOI Article link] [bibTex]
- AmirHossein Rafsanjani and Joaquim Armando Pires Jorge and Sandra Gama and Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves, How do Students Behave in a Gamified Course? - A Ten-Year Study, article in IEEE Access, May. 2021, IEEE [DOI Article link] [bibTex]

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- Flávia de Souza Santos and Sandra Gama and Renata Fortes, A Framework for Semi-Automated Usability Evaluations’ Processing considering Users’ Emotional Aspects., presented at HCI International, Jun. 2022 [bibTex]