Francisco S. Melo

General Info

GroupArtificial Intelligence for People and Society (AIPS)
Role in INESC-IDResearcher
EntityInstituto Superior Técnico

Main Interests

I am interested in machine learning and decision-theoretic planning, and in the exploration of models and algorithms from these felds of AI in creating intelligent autonomous agents capable of interacting with other agents (human or artifcial) in complex, possibly unknown environments. My research revolves around the following general questions: - “How can we endow an agent with mechanisms to explicitly reason about its limitations, engaging with other agents in order to extend its actuation capabilities to more efectively achieve its goals?” - “How can an agent determine the best information to collect in order to learn some target task as efciently as possible, interacting with other agents in order to acquire such information?” - “How can an agent autonomously plan the best strategy to interact with the other agents, adapting its interaction strategy as the interaction takes place to improve the performance of the group of agents as a whole?”


Phone210407002 (Portugal +351)
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