People - Staff

Name Extension(?) Room
---- Ana Maria Nuno de Jesus Reis 2394 304
---- Ana Paula Lança Barrancos Monteiro 2271 504
---- Anabela Lopes 218417287 IST
---- Elisabete Rodrigues 2241 204A
---- Aurélia Constantino 2219 204A
---- Maria Manuela Marques do Sado 2317 434
---- Sandra Sá 5108 2N7.17 - Tagus Park
---- Teresa Mafalda Mascarenhas Alves Mimoso 2313 234
---- Vanda Fidalgo 2376 323

To get the external phone for an Inesc-Id (in Lisbon) extension of the form 2xxx, use +(351) 213100xxx. Inesc-Id (in TagusPark) extensions are trickier. If 50xx, use +(351) 2142332xx, if 51xx, use +(351) 2142335xx, and if 52xx, use +(351) 210407xx, but there may be exceptions. In doubt, you can give the extension after digit the general numbers, 21310300 (Lisbon) or 214233290 (Tagus), or you may get more information clicking the personal link.
The individual contact information present here is the responsability of each colaborator in his personal login