International Project


Scientific and Technological Alliance for Guaranteeing the European Excellence in Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy


Duration: from 2014 Feb 01 to 2018 Jan 31

Financed by: European Commission

Prime Contractor: CIEMAT (Other) - Madrid, Spain

Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy encompasses Solar Thermal Electricity (STE), also called CSP and other associated processes applications and technologies (such as Solar Thermochemical Fuels – STF – Solar Process Heat, Solar Assisted and Hybrid Desalination, etc…) that are called to play a major role for the achievemement of energy sustainability in our modern societies due to the following factors: on one hand, solar energy provides the highest potential of renewable energy sources to our planet [1] and, on the other hand, STE is the only renewable technology that can provide dispatchable power in the technically and economically viable way, by means of thermal storage and /or hybridization with for example biomass.

Partnerships:   UCAM University of Cadi Ayyad (University) -Morocco
Partnerships:  ACCIONA (Company) -Spain
Partnerships:  ASE (Company) -Italy
Partnerships:  ASNT (Other) -Spain
Partnerships:  CEA LIST (Other) -France
Partnerships:  CENER - National Renewable Energy Centre (Other) -Spain
Partnerships:  CIEMAT (Other) - Madrid, Spain
Partnerships:  CNRS - Université Paul Sabatier (University) - Toulouse, France
Partnerships:  Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (Other) -Italy
Partnerships:  CRAN (Company) -United Kingdom
Partnerships:  CRS4 (Other) -Italy
Partnerships:  CSERS - Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies (Other) -Lybia
Partnerships:  CSIRO The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Other) -Australia
Partnerships:  CTAER, The Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energies (Other) -Spain
Partnerships:  CYI, The Cyprus Institute (Other) -Cyprus
Partnerships:  DLR, The German Aerospace Center (Other) -Germany
Partnerships:  ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Other) -Italy
Partnerships:  ESTELA European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (Other) -Belgium
Partnerships:  ETH (University) - Zurich, Switzerland
Partnerships:  FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Other) -Italy
Partnerships:  FISE, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Other) -Germany
Partnerships:  FUSP Fundação de Apoio à Universidade de São Paulo (Other) -Brazil
Partnerships:  HITIT (Company) -Turkey
Partnerships:  IEECAS Institute of Earth Environment, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Other) -China
Partnerships:  IK4-TEKNIKER (Other) -Spain
Partnerships:  IMDEA (Other) -Spain
Partnerships:  INESC-ID (Other)
Partnerships:  IST-ID (University) -Portugal
Partnerships:  KSU, King Saud University (University) -Saudi Arabia
Partnerships:  LNEG - Laboratório de Energia e Geologia (Other) - Lisboa, Portugal
Partnerships:  Paul Scherrer Institut (Other) -Switzerland
Partnerships:  SCHOTT (Company) -Germany
Partnerships:  SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A (Company) -Spain
Partnerships:  SUN (Company) -South Africa
Partnerships:  Universidade Autónoma do México (University) - Cidade do México, México
Partnerships:  Universidade de Évora (University) - Évora, Portugal
Partnerships:  Universidade do Chile (University) - Santiago do Chile, Chile
Partnerships:  Universitá Degli Studi Di Palermo (University) - Palermo, Italy


Principal Investigator: João Manuel Lage de Miranda Lemos

Members:  João Manuel Lage de Miranda Lemos
Members:  Bertinho Manuel D'Andrade da Costa

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