Invited talk – Facial expressions, social signals by Ruth Aylett

1.38 Taguspark | 14:00







Title: Facial expressions, social signals

The Socially Competent Robots (SoCoRo) project is working on a robot trainer that could help adults with high-functioning autism to improve their ability to decode social signals in a workplace context. Such adults have a very high rate of unemployment and this is linked to deficits in their ability to interact successfully with workmates and employers. As part of this project, we are exploring the design of dynamic facial expressions that can be used as social signals in our eventual workplace-related scenario. This talk will present our results so far.

Short Bio:
Ruth Aylett is a Professor of Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and researches digital narrative (coining the term ‘emergent narrative in 1999) , affective systems, and social embodied agents in both robotic and graphical form. She has led a series of large EU-funded projects over the last 15 years ocusing on these themes in domains ranging from virtual drama to promote opposition to bullying to an empathic robot tutor.