20 Years INESC-ID

Museu do Oriente | 15:00

Please join us next 16th July, to share and celebrate the future to come. The entrance is free.

‘Gielis Transformations in design and engineering’

Seminar | INESC-ID Lisboa Room 0.20 | 14:00

Johan Gielis, University of Antwerp, Bio-Engineering Sciences – Abstract: Gielis Transformations in design and engineering Gielis’ Transformations (a.k.a. Superformula) are a generalization of the Pythagorean Theorem. It not only defines the circle, as Pythagoras does, but circles, polygons, starfish, shells, … Continued

12th Edition of MOJO

central atrium of the Taguspark campus | 10:00

  The 12th Edition of MOJO will take place at the central atrium of the Taguspark campus on 29th May, between 10 am to 6 pm. This event is organized by Instituto Superior Técnico Games Laboratory and led by the … Continued

Conflict-free Replicated Data Types: An Overview

Seminar | 336 | 14:30

Nuno Manuel Ribeiro Preguiça, Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Abstract: Internet-scale distributed systems often replicate data at multiple geographic locations to provide low latency and high availability, despite node and network failures. Geo-replicated systems that adopt a weak consistency model … Continued

Distinguished Lecture
Generating Software Tests

Distinguished Lecture | Anfiteatro VA4 no piso-1 do Edificio de Civil – IST/Alameda | 11:00

Andreas Zeller, CISPA Helmholtz Institute for IT Security – Abstract: Software has bugs. What can we do to find as many of these as possible? In this talk, I show how to systematically test software by generating such tests automatically, … Continued

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