National Project


Abyss: Sistemas Autonómicos Tolerantes a Falhas Maliciosas


Duration: from 2016 Jul 01 to 2019 Jun 30

Financed by: FCT

This project aims at designing, implementing, and evaluating techniques to build autonomic Byzantine fault tolerant systems. Examples of dynamic adaptations that may be useful in this context are: - Dynamic replacement of the BFT protocol in face of the physical characteristics of the machines (processing speed), the network (available bandwidth), and the fault pattern (network instability, partitions, etc). - Dynamic adjustment of the replication degree and of the physical location of the replicas in response to perceived changes in the external threats. The project will specify, implement, and evaluate a complete solution to support the dynamic adaptation of Byzantine fault tolerant systems.

Partnerships:  FFCUL (Other)


Principal Investigator: Luís Eduardo Teixeira Rodrigues

Members:  Luís Eduardo Teixeira Rodrigues
Members:  Paolo Romano
Members:  Miguel Nuno Dias Alves Pupo Correia

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