Alliance for Energy Transition



The Alliance for Energy Transition (ATE) and IAPMEI – the main governmental agency for economic policies targeted to Portuguese companies – signed an acceptance agreement in the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, to support the development of an ecosystem for energy transition and decarbonization.

Envisioning a brighter future of energy in Portugal, ATE will create 420 qualified jobs in Portugal and generate an expected business volume of €550M/year, promoting the decrease of greenhouse gases (up to 3.4M tons of CO2) and developing a range of products, more than 80% of which are destined for exportation.

ATE is integrated in the agenda of RNC2050 – Roteiro para a Neutralidade Carbónica (Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality) and counts on a network of 80 partners, including 52 companies and 28 Institutions of the Research & Innovation System. The consortium is led by Efacec in partnership with industry partners like MC (Sonae), Capwatt, Smarternergy, Etermar, SEL (Smart Energy Lab), Tekever, PRF and Research Institutions such as INEGI, INESC ID and INESC TEC, among many others.

The Alliance for Energy Transition (ATE) is funded by the European Union through Next Generation EU as part of the Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR). More information regarding the project is available here.


INESC ID will contribute to four key work packages: developing advanced protection algorithms for high renewable energy penetration, creating innovative electric vehicle charging and management solutions, introducing novel methods and services to encourage flexibility usage in residential and commercial buildings. Following this, INESC ID will take the lead in establishing a National Network of Research Laboratories aimed at fostering cooperation to expedite Portugal’s energy transition.


ATE projects are structured in six pillars, oriented towards strategic competitiveness and value creation in different aspects of the energy sector: energy communities and microgrids, renewable-based generation, energy efficiency and transition in industrial, commercial and residential users, and sustainable mobility and interconnection infrastructures. 



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The Alliance for Energy Transition (ATE) is funded by the European Union through Next Generation EU as part of the Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR). More information regarding the project is available here.