2014 Exhibitions

In 2014 the effort to improve the external image of the institution continued. INESC-ID has organized and participated in several events of high visibility, such as:

  • Organization of the conferences: DILS 2014, EUSIPCO2014, DIHC2014, DataStorm Summer School 2014, LxLMS 2014, Trudevice 2014, and several other conferences and workshops;
  • Participation in The European Researchers Night, with the research group Spoken Language Systems, at the Natural History and Science Museum, in Lisbon;
  • Participation in Futurália exhibition with the robot Emys, from the Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters research group;
  • We also took part in the Taguspark OpenDay, an initiative with the goal of showing the best research done in this university campus;
  • We are also participating since 2014 in Loucamente exhibition about mind health @ Pavilhão do Conhecimento, with the demo Vithea (virtual therapist for aphasia treatment) from the Spoken Language Systems research group;
  • Ciência Viva summerships, coordinated by Prof. Moisés Piedade, were a success. About 30 high school students spent some days at Taguspark, with the goal of assembling race cars.

These events/exhibitions allow not only a closer relation between INESC-ID and other scientific organizations, but also an important promotion of our activities near the general public and companies. These activities help to strength important connections in order to improve technology transference.

Besides the high impact exhibitions, INESC-ID also promoted external visits, mostly from other organizations and groups of external researchers or students from abroad, like Euroyouth, National Institute of Informatics (NII) and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NIICT), and NATO Science for Peace and Security Program.

We also promoted the participation in initiatives with the goal of gathering different research groups allowing researchers to interact in different and relaxed environments. We participated in the Bike to Work Day, an initiative with the purpose to motivate people to come work by bike.

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