2014 Human Resources

Habilitation 32
PhD Degree 126
MSc Degree 193
1st Degree 37
High School 7

The majority of the researchers of INESC-ID are members of the academic staff and post-graduate students of IST. There are also researchers from other Universities and Polytechnic Institutes and a small number of contracted postdoctoral researchers.

On 31 December 2014 INESC-ID had 395 collaborators, 158 of which with a Ph.D. degree and 193 with a M.Sc. degree.

Since INESC-ID focuses its activity on the rapid growth areas of information technology, communications and electronics, an increase is to be expected in the number of researchers with higher degrees within the next few years. Many researchers are carrying out their post-graduate work at INESC-ID.

The increase of technical and scientific activity, as a result of the status of Associate Laboratory, leads to the need to improve technical support and administrative services. The institution is mostly composed by researchers with a PhD, which reflects the motivation given to our collaborators to develop a structured researcher career.

INESC-ID also has a very young structure, due to the amount of fellowships and young researchers; about 54% have ages between 20 and 40 year old and have a high degree level.

INESC-ID is continuously seeking highly qualified candidates with a PhD degree and with a track record showing their ability to perform independent research in their scientific areas.

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