2014 Prizes and International Recognition

INESC-ID researchers were awarded the following prizes and special nominations recognizing the excellence of the R&D activities developed:

  • Best Industrial Paper Award to Sónia Pinto at the 11th Conference on Automatic Control – CONTROLO2014, Porto, Portugal, July 2014;
  • Best paper awards for the paper Self-Tuning Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions, The 11th International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2014), Philadelphia, USA, 18-20 June 2014, by N. Diegues and Paolo Romano;
  • Best Poster Award for the paper A Neuro-Fuzzy Based System for Fault Detection and Diagnosis of 3-Phase PFC Rectifier, 16th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference and Exposition (PEMC 2014), September 21-24, 2014, Antalya, Turkey, atributed to Victor Pires;
  • Best-Paper Award at the 6th IEEE International Middleware on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom 2014), Singapore, December 2014 (Published by IEEE Computer Society), Energy Efficiency Dilemma: P2P-cloud vs. Datacenter awarded to Leila Sharifi, Navaneeth Rameshan, Felix Freitag, and Luis Veiga;
  • Nuno Neves from the SIPS research group, supervised by Nuno Roma and Paulo Flores, was the winner of the 2013 edition of the Award Prof. Luís Vidigal, with the thesis “Multi-core SIMD ASIP for DNA Sequence Alignment”;
  • Best paper award to researchers Sara Silva, Leonardo Vanneschi, Mauro Castelli e Stefano Ruberto, in the conference EuroGP 2014;
  • Annamaria Pompili, from the L2F research group, won the second place of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2014 in the category of best MsC idea with: “Speech and language technologies for aphasia therapy”;
  • Researchers Rui Prada and Pedro Santos won a best paper award@ IPCA conference, with the paper Treme-treme – A serious game to teach children earthquake preparedness;
  • Best paper award in the PROPOR 2014 conference, to the several L2F researchers with the paper: Improving Speech Recognition through Automatic Selection of Age Group ? Specific Acoustic Models. Authors: Annika Hämäläinen, Hugo Meinedo, Michael Tjalve, Thomas Pellegrini, Isabel Trancoso, and Miguel Sales Dias;
  • Mikolas Janota, a young researcher from the SAT group, was awarded a Gödel medal, in the competition that is part of the FLoC Olympic Games, with his solver RAReQS, for quantified Boolean formula (QBF Gallery 2014);
  • The IEEE invited Isabel Trancoso, from the research group L2F, to take part in the Publication Services and Products Board Strategic Planning Committee, in 2014;
  • Isabel Trancoso, from the L2F research group, was elected as ISCA Fellow with the acknowledge: “For her research in speech coding and significant and sustained contributions to speech science and technology for the Portuguese language”;
  • Luís Miguel Silveira, from the ALGOS research group, takes again part of the CEDA Fellow Committee (Council on Electronic Design Automation);
  • Luís Veiga was elected Chair for the IEEE Computer Society Chapter, IEEE Section Portugal;
  • Excellence Result in Teaching at IST Prize for 2014 awarded to Luís Veiga;
  • Leonel Sousa, from the SIPS research group, was nominated Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET);

In 2014 internal prizes were also given. These INESC-ID Awards were created in 2009 and are annually given, usually at the annual general institutional kick-off meeting. The juri is composed by the Advisory Board members, an independent committee made of world class experts. The existence of awards for the best researchers has a high importance and value for the institution. It is a contribution to strengthen the scientific prestige and social intervention of INESC-ID in its scientific environment.

The established categories are: PhD student, Researcher and Young Researcher. The comission selected for the Best PhD Student Award Luís Rosado, for the Best Young Researcher Alexandre Francisco, and, for the Best Senior Researcher Prof. Luís Veiga.

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