2014 Seminars and Meetings

INESC-ID participates in the programs between Portugal and CMU (Carnegie-Mellon University) and with Portugal/MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Other partnerships include Cadence Design Systems, TU Darmstadt, IST, ISCTE, Universidade da Madeira, Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Beja, Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Setúbal, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) and Universidade da Beira interior (UBI). In addition to the above formal partnerships, there is a large number of cooperation agreements with other institutions within the framework of the research projects.

Annual General Meeting

INESC-ID has been organizing each year a strategic planning meeting. These meetings, that have taken place since 2004, have involved the participation of external invitees with high impact backgrounds. The 2014 meeting took place in October, at Praia Grande, Sintra were researchers met to discuss issues related with funding opportunities like marie-curie actions or Erasmus + .

Carlos Moura, from PT Cloud & Data Center, and Xavier Poisson Beauchamps from HP Helion, were this year invited speakers for the general annual meeting.


INESC-ID has also a very active schedule of seminars, presented by our researchers and/or invited speakers. These seminars are organized in a regular basis, in order to promote collaboration between researchers and research groups and also across disciplines.

These seminars are opened for all the scientific community: students, researchers and general public are welcomed to participate.

A significant amount of external speakers were invited to present and participate in some of these seminars. During 2014, about 22 seminars were organized by our research groups at INESC-ID facilities. These seminars are described in the annexes of this report.

Distinguished Lecture Series

The INESC-ID Distinguished Lecture Series is designed to bring to the institute outstanding scientists, academics or practitioners to share their vision, and present their groundbreaking work.

The series aims to promote a regular sequence of high quality seminars in the core areas of the lab. Invited speakers cover a broad range of interests, activity profiles, and different stages of the professional career, being selected among those that have raised significantly above their peers in one or more aspects of their activity.

One of the main goals of the Distinguished Lecture Series is to encourage the interaction and promote discussion and exchange of ideas between the invited speakers and lab researchers. The INESC-ID Distinguished Lecture Series was launched in September 2012, with regular talks.

Special 2014 guests were: Prof. Rodrigo Rodrigues (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal), Dr. Jeremy Bennett (Embecosm, UK), Prof. Luis Ceze (University of Washington, USA), Prof. Paulo Veríssimo (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Prof. Peter Pietzuch (Imperial College London, UK), Prof. Shrikanth Narayanan (University of Southern California, USA), and Prof. Michael Wooldridge (University of Oxford, USA).

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