Filipe Gouveia is a researcher at INESC-ID Lisboa in the Automated Reasoning and Software Reliability (ARSR) group. In 2021, Filipe obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from IST - Universidade de Lisboa, being approved with distinction. His Ph.D. work focused on the application of logic-based approaches and algorithms to revise Boolean logical models of biological regulatory networks. His research interests are included in the field of artificial intelligence, such as algorithms for computational logic, constraint solving, and optimization. He enjoys addressing practical problems with logic-based approaches, namely problems in the biology field. Other research interests include program synthesis, machine learning, and natural language processing. Since 2017, Filipe has been a teaching assistant at IST - Universidade de Lisboa, in the Department of Computer Science, in the courses of Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures, Analysis and Synthesis of Algorithms, Natural Language, and Algorithms for Computational Logic, being awarded IST Excellent Teachers 2018/2019, IST Excellent Teachers 2019/2020, and IST Excellent Teachers 2020/2021.