Open Position

INESC-ID Public Notice Number LA/P/0078/2020

Type of Position: Fixed Term Contract (Contrato a Termo)

Type of Contract: Unspecified term work contract

Closed at: 2023-Aug-08


The tasks to be performed correspond to science communication and include organizing and editing information about the activities carried out at INESC-ID with the purpose of internal and external dissemination, in digital or other media, through social networks and the media. Thus, the specific objectives to be fulfilled are: a) organisation and editing of materials for dissemination on audiovisual platforms; b) preparation of materials for the dissemination of research carried out at INESC-ID and by its researchers; c) preparation of newsletters, brochures and press releases; d) dissemination of the scientific production of INESC-ID researchers to external audiences; e) elaboration of good practice manuals in order to facilitate internal and external communication; f) preparation of communication plans and their implementation; g) management of contact databases from different lists of institutions and target audiences; h) organisation of formal sessions, conferences, exhibitions and other events of an institutional nature; i) creation and availability of useful tools for communication.


Susana de Almeida Mendes Vinga Martins



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