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BI-Mestre Studentship, FCT project ARCADE - PTDC/CCI-COM/30274/2017
Bolsa de Investigação-Mestre, FCT project ARCADE - PTDC/CCI-COM/30274/2017

Type of Position: Research Fellowship (Bolsa de Investigação)

Duration: 12 Months

Closed at: 2019-Mar-15


1 research grant BI-Mestre Studentship is now available in project Augmenting Rehabilitation Centres with Context-Aware Digital Environments (ARCADE - PTDC/CCI-COM/30274/2017) funded by FCT/MCTES through national funds, and, where appropriate, POCI - Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização e PORLisboa – Programa Operacional Regional de Lisboa, under the following conditions:

Duration 12 months from April 1st, 2019. The grant may be renewed within the period of the project, not exceeding the maximum period set by FCT for such grants. Renewal is subject to suitable performance

Legislation A fellowship contract will be celebrated according to the “Regulations for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology” in force ( the INESC ID Grant regulations approved by FCT, and to the Status of Scientific Research Fellow (Lei nº 40/2004 de 18 de Agosto, and its successive amendments).

Monthly amount The monthly amount of the grant 980€ is in accordance with the values stipulated in the “Regulations for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology” in force ( ( and INESC-ID Lisboa Grant Regulations approved by FCT, and shall be rendered through a monthly bank transfer to an account held by the grantee

Objectives / summary The awardee will perform two main tasks: (1) Develop interactive applications for stroke patients that leverage data from inertial sensors placed on rehabilitation objects, and (2) Develop tools that support physiotherapists' activities in clinical rehabilitation settings. Both tasks will follow user-centered design methodologies. We will use inertial sensors and follow an approach of “tape on and forget” that can be quickly and ubiquitously installed in clinical rehabilitation settings to augment existing “dumb” equipment.

Scientific supervision The activity will be supervised by Prof. Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau, Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, researcher at INESC-ID Lisboa. The grantee will be integrated at INESC-ID Taguspark in the Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces Group (

Required education Level and research experience The candidate should have an MSc in Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related areas. Preference will be given to candidates that have a strong Human-Computer Interaction background. The ideal candidate should have working knowledge of User-Centred Design methodologies, Computer Graphics, experience with object-oriented programming and skilled in Unity3D.

Language skills - proficiency in English

Evaluation criteria The academic record of the candidate and interest for the following areas of research Human-Computer Interaction (40%), Interactive Rehabilitation Applications (40%), and Inertial Sensors (20%). The Jury will interview the top 3 candidates with higher classification. In order to perform a more objective evaluation of some of the criteria, the interview will count for 50% of the evaluation of each criterion above.

The jury will convene on March 18th, 2019 and is composed of: Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau, Assistant Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico Daniel Simões Lopes, Assistant Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico Joaquim Armando Pires Jorge, Full Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico

Results The final evaluation results will be publicized through an ordered list, and the candidates will be notified of the Jury decision by email.

Documents to be submitted all applications should clearly state the reference of the project 1. detailed curriculum vitae 2. motivation letter 3. copy of the official academic degree certificate, including a detailed list of grades ** 4. name of two personal references

**For candidates with degrees granted by foreign higher education institutions it is mandatory to have equivalence/recognition of the degree. For more information please follow the links bellow

Application Dates From February 15th to March 15th, 2019

For further information and proposal submission, please contact Hugo Nicolau, INESC-ID Lisboa, IST Taguspark, Room 2N9.21 Avenida Professor Cavaco Silva, 2744-016 Porto Salvo, Portugal,


Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau