Open Position


Type of Position: Research Fellowship (Bolsa de Investigação)

Type of Contract: Research grant

Duration: 7 Months

Closed at: 2021-Feb-25


This grant is offered in the context of the European project EPEEC, "European joint Effort toward a Highly Productive Programming Environment for Heterogeneous". The main general objective of EPEEC is to develop and deploy a well-integrated, comprehensive parallel programming environment targeting exascale systems that turns next-generation supercomputers into manageable platforms for domain application developers. One important component of this project is the development of a methodology for energy-efficient computation. With this objective in mind, the work plan for this scholarship is the study of the power consumption of computation kernels running on different accelerator devices (namely CPU, GPU and FPGA) and devise predictive models for them. The aim is to then modify the runtime scheduler to take into account these models when selecting the target device where to execute a given kernel under a given user-defined metric, eg. energy efficiency or minimum execution time.


José Carlos Alves Pereira Monteiro



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