Open Position

ATLAS Experiment Upgrade

Type of Position: Research Fellowship (Bolsa de Investigação)

Type of Contract: Research grant

Duration: 3 Months

Limit to reply: 2021-May-18


The large hadron collider (LHC) at CERN is being upgraded, to improve its performance. One of the detectors of the ATLAS/LHC experiment is TileCal, the Tile hadronic calorimeter, which is also undergoing an upgrade effort. A Portuguese team from several Institutions is developing the high voltage (HV) system of the Tilecal for the upgrade, which includes the HVremote and HVsupplies boards that regulate the power delivered to photomultiplier tubes (PMT), and their control systems. The system was to be tested at Geneva's CERN site, but due to the current health & safety constraints in Europe is being tested in Lisbon. The selected candidate will work on some of the following tasks: • Setup of a test system to evaluate the response of PMTs excited by a light source, when using the new HV system prototypes supplying the PMTs active voltage dividers; • Test of the next prototype of the HVremote board; • Design/test of aHV cable tester; The candidate will be part of the ATLAS Portuguese team and will work with the TileCal upgrade team.


José António Soares Augusto



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