Open Position

INESC ID Notice Number EV4EU | 101056765 - PM
INESC-ID Anúncio Público EV4EU | 101056765 - PM

Type of Position: Postdoctoral Position (Investigador Doutorado)

Type of Contract: Unspecified term work contract

Closed at: 2022-May-20


At the meeting held at April 26 of 2022 the Executive Board of INESC-ID – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores INESC-ID made the decision to open an international selection call for one doctorate position in the scope of the project EV4EU | 101056765, in the form of an employment contract under an uncertain term work contract – in the framework of abovementioned legislation being the basis of the contracting the performance of a specific service, precisely defined and non-durable, with a view to performing the following functions: · Manage the activities that should be developed during the meetings · Assure the respect of the deadlines in the project · Organise and coordinate meetings (Internal meetings, consortium meetings, Meetings with comission, etc) · Colaborate in definition of communication and dessimination activities · Collaborate in the development of new proposals The expiration of the contract that will operate with the communication referred to in article 345 (1) of the Código do Trabalho (Labor Code), meaning that the employer shall notify the termination of the contract to the employee, at least 7, 30 or 60 days in advance, according to whether the contract lasted up to six months, six months to two years, or per longer period.


Hugo Gabriel Valente Morais



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