Positions: 1

Bolsa de Investigação

  • BLOCKCHAIN – Refª C632734434-00467077 - BI|2023/463

    Type of position: Bolsa de Investigação
    Type of contract: Research grant
    Duration: 12 months
    Deadline to apply: 2023-12-12

    The main objective it to develop interoperability components needed in the PRR  Blockchain.PT project.

    In the context of Blockchain.PT project, the researcher is expected to:

    · Research and development on interoperability of systems to interpret information following a defined ontology.

    - Implement an interoperability mechanism (IM) that realizes the technical and semantic layer. Each Use case will be connected to the interoperability layer by using the IM API.

    - Develop a detailed assessment of the requirements, namely considering the internal stakeholders and the external environment and industry and research projects and trends

    - Contribute to the Blockchain interoperability architecture definition

    - Implement   the technical interoperability layer

    - Implement the semantic  interoperability layer supporting asset and data transfers and different connection modes, based in protocols such as ODAP.

    - Contribute to the implementation of interoperability pilots, including in Digital asset custody, real estate and EU Notarization, Data exchanges, supply-chain, asset transfers, and healthcare industries.


    Contact email: rh@inesc-id.pt