Open Position

Cent. for Responsible AI-C645008882-00000055-BI|2023/402/403

Type of Position: Scientific Introduction Fellowship (for university students) (Bolsa de Iniciação Científica)

Type of Contract: Research grant

Duration: 4 Months

Closed at: 2023-May-23


The GAIPS Lab at INESC-ID funded by the Responsible AI consortium (funded under the PRR) and in collaboration with the CFCUL from the University of Lisbon will fund two Spring internships for MSc students. These internships are in the field of social Artificial Intelligence and human-robot interaction, responsible AI and computer science, aim at investigating human sense of self and human sense of body ownership in human-robot interactions. The project will involve the development of a collaborative task to be played by a person and a robot (the Pepper and the Navel robot), and the development of a model for embodiment to be used for the two robots. The development will include creating the social behaviours for the robots during the collaborative task, the development stage, and a user study (N=100) will require the students to help on the data collection and data analysis of the experiment. The software development for the task and the robot will mainly use python language.


Ana Maria Severino de Almeida e Paiva



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