Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture (Safe Cloud)

Type: International Project Project

Duration: from 2015 Sep 01 to 2018 Aug 31

Financed by: European Commission

Prime Contractor: INESC Porto (Other) - Porto, Portugal

Cloud infrastructures raise fundamental questions related to the privacy, integrity, and security of offsite data storage and processing tasks. These questions are currently not answered satisfactorily by existing technologies. Safe Cloud will re-architect cloud infrastructures to ensure that data transmission, storage, and processing can be (1) partitioned in multiple administrative domains that are unlikely to collude, so that sensitive data can be protected by design; (2) entangled with inter-dependencies that make it impossible for any of the domains to tamper with its integrity. These two principles (partitioning and entanglement) are thus applied holistically across the entire data management stack, from communication to storage and processing. Users will control the choice of non-colluding domains for partitioning and the tradeoffs between entangle-ment and performance, and thus will have full control over what happens to their data.


  • Cloud&Heat (Company) -Germany
  • Cybernetica (Company) -Estonia
  • INESC Porto (Other) - Porto, Portugal
  • Maxdata Software (Company) -Portugal
  • Technische Universitaet Muenchen (University)
  • Université de Neuchâtel (University) -Switzerland

Principal Investigators