novaVM - máquina virtual Java para sistemas de suporte a aplicações com grandes quantidade de dados / novaVM - New Java Virtual Machine for Big Data (nova VM)

Type: National Project Project

Duration: from 2018 Oct 01 to 2022 Oct 09

Financed by: FCT

Prime Contractor: R - INESC-ID Lisboa (Other) - Lisboa, Portugal

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There is a clear need for efficient data processing for a large number of applications in several areas (e.g., network analytics and visualization, credit card fraud detection, etc.). For this purpose, there are several big-data platforms (BGPATs) that are instrumental for the success of such applications. For example, Spark (a multi-threaded map-reduce engine), Cassandra (a no-sql distributed database) and Neo4j (a graph database), among many others, can support applications that manipulate a huge amount of data. Given this scenario, it is fundamental to provide the best support for such BGPATs (as the above mentioned), improving the performance, reliability, and availability of applications running on top. Thus, the goal of this project is to develop a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), called novaVM, with the distinctive feature of being more efficient and scalable than others regarding Big-Data applications with a focus on replication/migration and memory management.


  • FEEDZAI (Company) -USA
  • R - INESC-ID Lisboa (Other) - Lisboa, Portugal

Principal Investigators