Social games for conflIct REsolution based on natural iNteraction (SIREN)

Type: International Project Project

Duration: from 2010 Sep 01 to 2013 Sep 30

Financed by: European Commission

Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)

The Siren project aims to create a new type of educational game, the conflict resolution game, which takes advantage of recent advances in serious games, social networks, computational intelligence and emotional modelling to create uniquely motivating and educating games that can help shape how children think about and handle conflictThe software developed by the project will be able to automatically generate conflict scenarios that fit the teaching needs of particular groups of children with varying cultural background, maturity, and technical expertise, and the desired learning outcomes as specified by a teacher. This will enable the system to be used by school teachers all over Europe, without specific technical training. To realize this vision, a number of advances to the state of the art will be made throughout the various disciplines that members of our thoroughly multi-disciplinary consortium specialize in.


  • INESC-ID (Other)
  • IT University of Copenhagen (University) - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • National Technical University of Athens (University) - Atenas, Grécia
  • Serious Game Interactive (Company) -Denmark
  • The Regents of the University of California (University) -USA
  • University of Bath (University) -United Kingdom

Principal Investigators