ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR Implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences (EXCELERATE)

Type: International Project Project

Duration: from 2015 Sep 01 to 2019 Jul 31

Financed by: EU

Prime Contractor: European Commission (Other)

Project Web Site: https://www.elixir-europe.org/news/elixir-accelarates-major-horizon-2020-funding

Elixir has been awarded €19 millions from the EU to accelerate the implementation of Europe´s life-science data infrastructure over the next four years. From September 2015, “ELIXIR-EXCELERATE” will facilitate the integration of Europe´s bioinformatics resources, supporting all sectors of life-science R&D. It will deliver excellence to ELIXIR´s users by fast-tracking the development and deployment of essential data services. EXCELERATE funding will help ELIXIR coordinate and extend national and international data resources to ensure the delivery of world-leading life-science data services. It will support a pan-European training programme, anchored in national infrastructures to increase bioinformatics capacity and competency. It will also provide efficiencies in management and operation throughout the infrastructure, which is distributed amongst 17 countries.


  • Centre de Regulació Genòmica (Other)
  • European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) (Other) - Heidelberg, Germany
  • Fundación Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas Carlos III (Other)
  • fundación de la comunidad Valenciana centro de investigacion (Other)
  • INESC-ID (Other)
  • Tartu Ulikool (Other)
  • The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge United Kingdom (University) -England
  • The Genome Analysis Centre (Other)
  • University of Manchester (University) - Manchester, UK
  • University of Oxford (University) - Oxford, England

Principal Investigators