Decision Support System for Personalized Medicine in ICUs (iCare4U)

Type: National Project Project

Duration: from 2018 Jun 01 to 2022 May 31

Financed by: FCT

Prime Contractor: Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica (Other)

This project proposes a decision support system based on intelligent modelling and patient sub-group analysis to provide personalized therapy for critically ill patients. It is hypothesized that the Collective Experience from large clinical databases, where clinical decisions are linked with patients outcomes, can be used to identify specific patient sub-groups and build personalized therapy models towards a new era of personalized medicine, allowing improvement of patient outcomes in the ICU. The validity of the proposed systems will be tested using two case studies where generalized scoring systems have consistently performed poorly: patients admitted to the ICU who them develop acute kidney injury, where two thirds of these patients require renal support therapy; and severe sepsis a typical heterogeneous disease among critically ill patients, in which the immune response is highly dynamic and variable, and likely to need complex therapy to improve patient outcomes.


  • Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências (Other) -Portugal
  • Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica (Other)
  • R - INESC-ID Lisboa (Other) - Lisboa, Portugal

Principal Investigators