Battefield Management System & Emergency Mobile Mesh (BMS&EMM)

Type: Contract Project

Duration: from 2016 Jan 01 to 2019 Dec 31

Financed by: Direção-Geral de Recursos da Defesa Nacional

Prime Contractor: Critical Software (Company) -Portugal

The project aims that from a technological platform already existing at the prototype stag, build two distinct products, intended for operation scenarios of military and civilian nature (dual use), providing the users of these products the ability to create location knowledge and common vision integrated (COP). These products contribute in a first stage to endow the national forces, partners of the project , with superior information in the implementation and management of its operations. In a second stage, aim to cover the commercial civil international market and military. The products that will be built in the framework are: - Solution developed for military operations, designated Battlefield Management System (BMS), - Solution developed for emergency operations and distress, designated Emergency Mobile Mesh.


  • AMN (Other)
  • CINAMIL (Other)
  • CINAV (Other)
  • Critical Software (Company) -Portugal
  • INESC-ID (Other)

Principal Investigators