Digital Identity Study (iDigital)

Type: Contract Project

Duration: from 2021 Jan 01 to 2023 Dec 31

Financed by: Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda

Prime Contractor: INESC-ID (Other)

Digital identity is an increasingly important topic for our society. The project aims to produce a study about digital identity, both is technical aspects and comparison of the existing solutions and an analysis of the national market.


  • *INOV (Other)
  • INESC MN (Other) - Lisbon, Portugal
  • INESC-ID (Other)
  • Instituto Superior Técnico (University)
  • Universidade de Aveiro (University) - Aveiro, Portugal
  • Universidade do Minho (University) - Braga, Portugal
  • Universidade do Porto (University) - Porto, Portugal

Principal Investigators